Traditional, Attractive, Witty, Seductive

Seema’s Practices in Exhibitionism

Seema pushed open the sliding doors and stepped out onto the balcony, breathing in deeply the fresh morning air. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the sunlight and she stretched. What a perfect Sunday morning it was turning out to be. She had no plans for the day except to get some rest and relax. She had joined Yoga classes recently and was practicing it daily in the morning in her Balcony. Today she was in the balcony for the practice but her mind was drifting back to her exhibitionist tendencies and she remembered many instances where she exposed herself for other males. She was in some mood today and was a bit of excited at the thought of showing her body to the lucky ones today.
Seema was about 40 yr old, happily married to a businessman and had two children. Her married life was nice but it lacked some of the excitement that she always wanted. her husband did not neglect her in any way but he had lost interest in sex recently and was always telling some excuse or the other when she joined him in bed. This made her starve sexually and her mind used to drift back to her college life. She was a sort of exhibitionist and liked to wear revealing clothes that made all the boys hard in the pant. She used to remember the incidences and knew that this was her fetish. And NOW standing in the balcony she was wondering what will happen if she showed her body to some lucky guy. Her flat was on the 10 th floor in Delhi and there were only few flats opposite to her. She was interested in one guy, who lived right opposite to their balcony and was in his college. He often watched her while she did exercise in her balcony. Today she wanted to show herself to him and her cunt became wet at the thought.

Seema was wearing her shorts and loose T-shirt for the exercise and she started her routine. She did few exercises and watched the boy opposite to her balcony. He was looking at her steadily and as she looked at him, he smiled at her. This made her heart beat faster and faster. She very much wanted to do many things for him and so looked at the other flats. There was no activity in any of them and she knew that she was safe to show off to the boy watching her. She sat on the reclining easy char, with her face towards the watcher. She quickly pulled off her shorts and threw them aside. Now her cunt was exposed to him, just covered by lower portion of the t-shirt Adjusting her legs, she looked over the high concrete balcony. This was one of the best things about living here.

Tushar, the boy opposite to Seema, tossed the newspaper onto the table and got up to pour himself his third cup of coffee. He lowered the cup from his lips and stared at the beautiful figure emerging from the apartment opposite to him. Long brown hair blew freely in the breeze as she stood and seemed to be greeting the morning. His eyes scanned down her body, appreciative of what he saw. Long, shapely legs that met up with white shorts, her pink cropped tee shirt showing off her flat stomach and very round, firm looking breasts. He wished he could be closer, to study her face that from this distance appeared to be very beautiful.

The only people who could really see her now were just the boy opposite and there was no risk in doing what she was intending to do. Stretching again, she slowly spread her legs in the chair. She then removed her t-shirt, exposing her body totally. Grabbing the bottle of oil, she opened the cap and was greeted by the sweet smell of coconut oil. Squeezing some onto the palm of her hand, she rubbed her hands together and then slowly rubbed her palms up and down her arms, making her lightly tanned skin glisten in the sun. Adding more oil to her palms, she rubbed her hands down her chest and around the cups of her white Bra top. Her skin tingled as she rubbed the oil on her stomach and down. A breeze blew her long brown hair around her shoulders, tickling her back and she let out a small shiver. She glanced at the boy and she knew that she was giving him a nice show. He was looking at her firm bra-clad boobs and his hand was rubbing his crotch. It seemed that he was really hard. He was holding some newspaper opposite to him, probably to conceal him and was drinking tea.

Leaning forward, she started at her feet and worked her way up to her knees, spreading the oil evenly across her skin. She could feel the oil warming as her fingers made circular motions up her thighs. Turning in the chair, she leaned against the back that was still in the upward position and reached for the bottle again, pouring a liberal amount into her hand. After rubbing her hands together, she placed them on her thighs and started massaging in the oil. The heat from her hands, the softness of her touch, and the weight of her fingers as they slowly made their ways to her inner thighs, made her body shake slightly. Sliding down the back of the chair a little, she spread her knees apart and continued to rub, her thumbs brushing against the smoothness of her skin of her cunt. Her thumbs pushed a little harder and she moaned softly, and pushed even harder against herself.

She opened her eyes and realized what she was doing, and more importantly, where she was doing it. Well yes, the boy opposite wa now busy with his hand inside his shorts, rubbing the hardness and trying to pacify the lust. Reaching around behind her, she undid the bra and then pulled the it away from her body, tossing it with her shorts and tee shirt. Her nipples started to harden from the slight breeze, but probably more so, from their exposure to the boy opposite. With two wet with sweet smelling oil, she leaned back in her chair and started to rub the oil against her breasts. Her hands slid easily across her skin, cupping her breasts and squeezing gently, thumbs and index fingers capturing her nipples and pulling lightly and then twisting a little harder.

A moan escaped her lips as she tugged harder on her long nipples, pulling and stretching them, making them harder and more sensitive to her touch. With her eyes closed, her fingers tweaked her nipples; her thighs squeezing together as the feeling ran down her body. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she ran her hands down her stomach and rubbed the flesh between her pussy lips. As the fingers hit her clit she began to move her hips up and down. Feeling it slid against her hardening clit, she moaned and moved one hand down to stroke her bare lips. The oil on her fingertips slid easily across her exposed lips, making her shiver at her own touch. Without a second thought, she raised her hips and tore off the panties, tossing them aside and laying one leg over each side of the chair. Her fingers moved quickly to her pussy, two fingers holding her lips apart as another started to stroke her clit. She jumped slightly as she rubbed, her finger moving down further and feeling the wetness that was slowly seeping out of her pussy. Collecting some of the wetness, she returned her finger to her clit and rubbed it in, the hard little nub responding to her touch and sending signals throughout her body to wake up.

As she removed her shorts and tee shirt, Tushar felt his cock begin to stir in his shorts. Down boy, I don’t think we’re invited. Her body was even nicer than he had imagined before, beautiful breasts not hidden very well behind the tiny white bra. The curve of her hips, the small panties of her bikini, those long legs that seemed to go on for miles, the total picture was enough to make one stop and stare.
She was reaching behind her and removing the Bra. Good choice. His attention was completely on her breasts and by the looks of things, so was her. Fingers pulling at her nipples, as her breasts became wet with the oil. God, he could almost smell it and even better, he could almost taste it. Holding the glasses with one hand and watching her pull and squeeze at her tits, his other hand moved down and unbuttoned his pants and released the zipper. Tugging down his briefs, he found some relief as his hand started to slowly stroke his semi-erect cock. As he watched her pulling on her long nipples, he himself pulling on his cock, matching her strokes. She watched him remove his cock and stroking it in rhythem with her and her own fingers moved faster and faster.

One hand worked her pussy, fingers moving from her clit and then down, slowly inserting them into her pussy and raising her hips to meet her own thrusts. As her fingers fucked her, she massaged her breast in her other hand. Leaning her head down, her hand pushing her breast up, she stuck out her tongue and licked her nipple. The oil definitely smelled better than it tasted but her tongue didn’t seem to care as it circled her nipple, flicking hard against it and then licking long strokes. She pulled her breast up further and took her nipple into her mouth, sucking on it hard, teeth biting gently on it and pulling backwards, stretching it while her tongue played with it from inside her mouth.

He watched as she sat down and began spreading the oil on herself, her long fingers moving quickly across her skin, not missing a spot. Oh to be those hands, he thought, bringing his cup back to his lips and drinking more coffee but not tasting it. He watched with amusement and curiosity, feeling like a voyeur but not really caring much. Taking a large mouthful of coffee, he almost spit it out when her thumbs started moving against the crotch of her bikini bottoms. He wanted to get closer and figured there were only two ways that he possibly could. One, which was way out of the question, was to just go over there and perch himself on her balcony and tell her to carry on, pretend I’m not here, and number two was to get his binoculars. Number two was much easier but would require walking away for a few minutes and he wasn’t sure he wanted to miss a moment. His hardening cock took over his brain and he dashed into the apartment, grabbed his binoculars from the closet and ran back out, slamming the door behind him as he made his way back to the corner. Holding the glasses to his eyes, he focused and caught his breath. Damn, she was beautiful. She was all shiny from the oil and her lips where slightly parted and oh mercy, her fingers were moving faster against the crotch of those panties.

There goes her hand, moving down to her pussy. she stroked her pussy even faster and he too started stroking his cock faster, his hand sliding down to squeeze his balls between strokes. He moved his focus briefly to her face; her lips parted more, her tongue running across them as she pulled the material harder between her lips. He could only imagine what that must have been doing to her clit. It was probably swelling under the white material, mixing with the cream from her pussy as she slid the material up and down. Fingers suddenly invaded two wet, pouty pussy lips. Fingers pushing and rubbing – slowly being inserted into her wet cunt and moving in and out. His hand moved faster over his cock, twisting slightly as he felt it lurch in his hand, pre-cum collecting at the tip, which he wiped off with his thumb, smearing it across his shaft.

He licked his lips as he continued to watch her fuck herself with her long fingers. One then two fingers, slowly pumping in and out of her gorgeous pink pussy. Oh now there we go, one hand working her pussy and the other on her breast, pulling it upwards and oh God, she’s taking her nipple into her mouth. He wondered what she was thinking; who was making love to her? Her tongue flicked at her nipple and then it disappeared into her mouth. His strokes became shorter and faster his cock throbbing in his hand.

Oh man! Legs going over the armrests and there it is; the power of a woman; the thing we crave; a beautiful, wet, swollen and in this case, shaved pussy. That’s it honey, add that third finger. Oh she looks like that feels even better, three fingers and a hot mouth on her nipple. He watched her fuck herself harder with her fingers, his hand matching her stroke for stroke, his cock going deeper and deeper into her pussy, holding off before he filled it. He slowed down his strokes, gently rubbing his cock, his balls feeling tighter, ready to explode at any moment. Be patient, he told himself, let’s hold off and cum together
Moaning softly, she pulled her feet up onto the chair and then swung her legs over the armrests, opening her pussy wide to her loving fingers. Two fingers were pumping her pussy hard, her thumb rubbing her clit in small circles. When she added a third finger, the pressure made her bite her nipple, which in turn made her start fucking her fingers harder. The sounds of her soaked fingers jamming deep into her pussy filled her ears and she couldn’t stop herself. bodyWith head leaning back, and her hips moving up and down, she felt the coolness of the cube mixing with the heat coming from her pussy, an indescribable feeling as both cool and hot liquid escaped her body, covering her fingers and sliding down her ass.

Oh God, she moaned, squeezing her thighs around her hands and holding them prisoner deep inside her cunt. The orgasm seemed to start at her toes and quickly make it’s way up her legs and then exploded inside her pussy. She cried out as her body shook, fingers being held so tight within her walls that she couldn’t move them even though she could feel her hot cum covering them.

With one final shake, her thighs loosened and released her hand. Almost with regret, she removed her fingers from her pussy and then brought them to her mouth, sucking each one of them into her mouth until she had cleaned off all her cream. As he watched her shove her fingers into her pussy, he didn’t think he’d be able to wait for her to cum. Her movements became jerky, as did his.
He watched as her thighs tightened around her hand and the look on her face told him it was time. Watching her face – her silent moans ringing through his ears finished it for him. He closed his eyes for a brief second and then started to cum all over the inside of his balcony. He watched her cum, still cumming himself, his legs shaky and his heart beating fast.

The intenseness of her orgasm brought on that old familiar, content sleepy feeling but she knew that if she fell asleep with nothing covering her nipples or pussy lips she would definitely regret it. So she dressed up and casually glanced up at Tushar, who was still watching her through the binoculars and went inside.

It must have been good for her too, he thought, watching her drop back onto the lounge chair and start sucking on her fingers. He wanted to yell ‘save some for me’ but thought that might be inappropriate. Looking down, he felt a little foolish, his pants down around his ankles but he really didn’t care. That was the best sex he’d had in a long time, with or without a partner. He leaned down and pulled up his pants, looking over at her as he did up the zipper. She was looking in his direction and he quickly dropped out of sight. Did she see me? Does she know I watched? Maybe she knew all along that I was here. No, I don’t think she knew but just maybe…

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