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My Wife’s Exhibitionism

My wife, Vandana, had persuaded me take Saturday off and go with her for shopping. I sighed but knew that Vandana was adamant and there was little I could do to prevent her from doing anything that she had set mind on. I had disappointed her last night, I knew that and I had to make good of it. Our sex was a bit boring may be because we knew each other too well OR did not find the time to really enjoy it. The first reason may be correct! After 10 hours of tiring office work I returned home to find Vandana in a romantic mood, I was too tired to do anything about it. That was a shame because my wife is an extremely attractive woman.

At 35 years old she stands nearly 5ft 6in and still retains a great body. She works out regularly at a local gym, and that keeps her 38 -26- 36 figure in wonderful shape. Her legs are long and smooth and she has a warm, friendly face, long black hairs reaching up to her butt. I had wanted to take advantage of her charms this morning, but by the time I awoke, she was already up and dressed. I tried to encourage her back to bed with stories of my solid erection, but despite grinning at me wickedly and giving me a quick flash of her boobs as she brushed her hair, she was not going to indulge me. May be she knew I was a useless fucker now! Vandana was very provocatively dressed. She had chosen a pink silk sari with matching silk blouse. The blouse was very transparent and her white cotton bra could be easily seen even over the sari. The blouse had deep half circular neck and back, and off course it was sleeveless. She had put on bright red lipstick, which she reserves for parties and big prominent earrings. The mangalsutra she was wearing looked marvelous as the two cups rested directly in the cleavage of her bust.

I was lucky I thought! She had 4-inch high heels and that made her walk with gracious swing to her buttocks. As we walked from shop to shop, I became aware of the glances that Vandana was getting. This was nothing new to me. Vandana has always been a flirty bitch and I know she loves to show off. Fortunately, I have never been the jealous type and get a lot of sexual satisfaction from just watching other men (and some women) watching my wife. I glanced quickly at her large tits as they bounced while she walked and the image of her flashing them at me this morning came flooding back to me. I could feel my cock begin to harden once again as I recalled the large pink nipples poking out towards me.

We went around shop after shop as Vandana tried on different Salwar-kameez, using the changing room and asking me for my opinion on how well they fit and how good she looked in them. The more shops we went to, the sexier the outfits seem to become. After a few hours I found myself looking at Vandana, as she emerged from a changing room in a figure hugging, red dress. My eyes almost bulged out of my head when I saw her. The dress was cut very low in the front and barely concealed the large swell of her breasts. The salwar was tight too and showed her fleshy thighs and outline of her big ass clearly. “Wow,” I gasped. “You just have to buy that one!” 

“It’s a bit expensive,” she replied. 

“I don’t care,” I continued, and then in a whisper, “You’re making me hard just looking at you in that!” 

Vandana giggled at my comment and turned back towards the room to change back. 

“No. Don’t change,” I said. “Keep it on and I’ll go pay for it. I’m sure they won’t mind bagging up your other clothes so you can wear the new dress now.” Vandana seemed happy to comply, and after I made the payments for it, we both headed for a restaurant for some much needed refreshment. If she had been attracting glances before, then it was direct stares that were at her now. All eyes seemed to be on us as we entered the restaurant on the top level of the shopping center. We sat at a corner table and the waiter took our order for coffee. I looked around and could see a young guy sitting to our. He was openly ogling my wife’s body and as she sat down, the split in the side of the dress opened to reveal a large proportion of her ass and the deep cut showed him the cleavage of her big boobs. The stranger seemed unable to tear his eyes away from the view that was now before him. I leaned over the table and whispered to Vandana. “Looks like you have an interested audience.” I said. “I know. I have seen him, he’s nice, young and very good looking!” “Why not let him see a little more?” I continued with a wicked grin. 

I could see that the idea appealed to her. Her faced was a little flushed as her excitement was obviously increasing. She turned and smiled towards the guy who was still staring at her. She adjusted her position slightly, and dupatta too and bent a little so that the deep cleavage of her big breasts was now clearly visible to the guy. Her actions seemed to be having the desired effect on him because I could see him shift uncomfortably in his seat and try to hide an obvious erection. I was getting incredibly turned on by all this, and it was having an effect on Vandana too. Her face was flushed an even deeper red now and her breathing was becoming shorter and shorter. “Oh god! This is turning me on so much,” gasped Vandana, quietly “I’ve really got to do something about it!” Adjusting my growing erection, I moved closer to her and whispered again. “Well, I think that with only a little encouragement, this guy would just LOVE to fuck your brains out!” “Yes I know! But what can I do for it? Come on do something!” my wife whispered. I told her that I will ask the guy out and we will go to some isolated area in our car. She agreed. So I got up and went to the guy and told him to follow us while we were leaving. First he looked confused but later he just nodded his head. I paid up the bill and we went out. The guy was looking constantly at my wife’s charms and followed us. We went to our car and I signaled him to come. He came to us and I opened the rear door for him and my wife. They both got in and I started the car. The guy introduced himself as Santosh and we gave our fake names. I continued driving outside the city and was looking in the mirror to see the action. My wife had removed the dupatta and was looking at the obvious bulge in Sanotsh’s pants.

Then she whispered, ” So you liked what you were looking at? You were looking at these breasts. Want to see them for real? Just wait till we go out of the city. By the way how big is that monster? Let me feel it and see.” And with that my wife put her hand on his bulge and felt his cock. “Ohhhhhhhhh It is really big and hard! WOW I would love it to take in my mouth. Can I?” The poor fellow just sat there looking with surprise at my wife. I said, ” Go ahead Vandana. Suck his cock well. Make him come on your tits. Come on boy give that monster to my wife.” Santosh unzipped his @jeans fast and Vandana fished out his turgid cock. It was about 8 inches, quite bigger than mine. I watched as my sex hungry wife grabbed it with her hand and started to stroke it slowly. I was afraid to be caught by some inquisitive passer by but the risk was worth taking. Vandana now bent in his lap and kissed the reddish cock head licking it with her snake like tongue.

Santosh shivered at the sensual touch and pushed his cock upwards. Vandana removed her mouth and rubbed her big breasts over his cock. I could see trails of precome on the cleavage of her breasts. It was dangerous to remove the kamiz and Vandana knew it. She thrust her breasts at his and said, ” You wanted to see them hu? Feel them dear. Knead them. Rub them. Suck them. Ohhhhhh you have a wonderful cock. Come on feel my boobs while I rub your cock.” He did not need further invitation. He roughly caught her boobs in both his hands and kneaded them, feeling the softness and judging the size. Vandana was busy stroking his cock and was moaning with lust. I knew her cunt must have been overflowing with juice! Santosh was close to Cumming and moaned loudly, ” Ahhhhhh ! ohhhhhhhh ! come on take my juice! Let it land on your tits! Ohhhh God! I am ccccoooooommmmiiiiiiinnnnng!.” I watched in the mirror and could see his cock spurting thick globs of come in large quantities. My wife took the blast on her big boobs and the semen landed in the cleavage spotting her red kamiz. My cock was very hard now and I had to take it out and rub it. Watching my wife masturbate Santosh, gave me a huge hard on and I wanted release. I stopped the car and went to the back seat of my car to see Santosh panting heavily and my wife licking away the sperm from the Kamiz and rubbing the same onto her boobs. The top portion of her breasts was shining with the gluey come and her lips were all sticky. I urged her to suck me off, but to my surprise she refused.

I was miserable and wanted release. She was a real slut of a wife and she blackmailed me for sucking me off. ” Come on dear husband. Suck that cock of Santosh and show him that you are a useless husband. Your cock is good for nothing. See his cock its full 8 inches compared to your useless 5-inch. Come on Santosh give him your cock. Come on give that pencil to me and I will suck it for you while you suck that ramrod.” What could I say? I silently took the softening cock of Santosh and sucked it. The fellow was horney alright! He did not bother who sucked the cock for his cock grew full 8 inches within few seconds. My mouth was full of the cock meat and I was sucking him off eagerly waiting for Vandana to begin the blow job on my cock. Vandana saw me sucking and clapped her hands and then bent down to suck my small cock. As soon as her lips touched my cock it exploded jets of sperm on her face and she gladly took that and rubbed it all over her skin. Watching me come triggered off Santosh and he came for the second time filling my mouth with his sour come. I had to swallow everything and I did it. What a wife! Vandana then told me that she wanted Santosh to fuck her cunt and that I should undress her for him. Yes I did that too and made my slut wife naked. She immediately lay on the seat, face down and ass up position and asked me to guide Santosh in her cunt. I caught the rod of Santosh and guided him to my wife’s cunt. He thrust his cock in hurry and all his 8 inches were buried in the cunt of my wife. My wife was moaning loudly now urging him to fuck her cunt real hard.

” Come on Santosh! Fuck that cunt! Ohh your cock is ssoo big! It has stretched my cunt wide. Ohhhh yes fuck me hard! Oohh God! What a cock! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Yessssssssss!” Her ass moved back to meet his thrusts and his cock was banging away at the cunt of my wife with great speed. My own cock was hard again watching Vandana getting the strangers cock in her cunt. Ohhhhhh! I loved it. I loved to watch my wife taking big hard cock of a stranger. I started to jack off in earnest and wanted to come with them. My wife squealed and her body shuddered in the intense orgasm she was receiving. Her cunt must have been pumping this stranger and he was brought to climax with my wife. They both were coming now and I too ejaculated my load on my hands. Santosh dismounyrd my wife and layback on the seat panting.

My wife spread her legs and offered me her cum filled cunt to lick. ” Come on my dear husband. Lick away that come along with my cunt juice. You deserve that. Come on lick that strangers come from my cunt. Ohh yesssss! Like that. Lick my clit for a while! Yesssss. That’s it. Good boy!” I cleaned my wife’s cunt that was just fucked by Santosh and we tidied ourselves and left. 

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  1. Vijay aggarwal

    Marvelous story..I TOO like watching my wife in similar action. Pl post a story containing dirty comments while hubby watches wife being fucked by boss after seducing him

    May 16, 2011 at 9:55 am

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